Friday, December 4, 2009

Visual Studio: suppressing the annoying synchronising between active document and project view.

When you've got a solution with several projects and/or you're working on a document from a project that has many files, the automatic synchronisation between the active document and the Project View can be quite confusing. (It is to me, anyway.)

Consider the following case. First, the Visual Studio window while editing one file:

If I then switch to the other document (via Ctrl-Tab), the project view jumps away and expands the project, as in:

This is just too annoying if, like me, you use the keyboard for everything (or almost everything; this is Visual Studio, after all), and don't appreciate your previous Project View position being arbitrarily shifted.

I found this issue vexing for quite some time, until I was finally sufficiently motivated to find the requisite option. As it turns out, it is embarassingly obvious and easy:



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